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Return to Zeropoint is easy and enjoyable to learn, and will help you:

Find your life to be boring, painful or insignificant.
Find that you are not as successful as you had hoped to be.
Find that you are not able to find true love.
You are nervous or obsessive.

Return to Zeropoint

Return to Zeropoint is simply a method of emotional healing, rooted in a primitive science developed probably more than 5000 years ago, to treat emotional and physical pain, but without reliance upon modern medicine or psychology. I think it’s a pity that this science was lost so long ago, but I’ve revived it and modernized it so you get the best experience that ancient history could ever hand you.

The Return to Zeropoint techniques are the techniques I have learned, modernized and put into action to help heal all kinds of distress in people from all walks of life. Although often overlooked, emotional wellbeing is essential to and tied to your mental and physical well-being – and it doesn’t matter if these emotions are seemingly inflicted by others, or come from your own broken or damaged beliefs. no matter how devoted you are to maintaining emotional balance, you will excel at and exceed your wildest dreams with Return to Zeropoint methods.

In this program, we don’t strive to reprogram anything in you, so you don’t have to realign your thoughts and feelings to fit into someone’s idea of what makes an ideal mindset. Instead, we simply teach you how to treat yourself; the simple recall of feelings and emotions, and running a short mental script that you memorize, and BAM! Whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, loss of life or even violent crime against you. Emotions begin to heal with these methods.

As our emotions begin to heal, our outlook on life improves with it. You can’t imagine the goodness that takes root in you when you are in emotional peace and find your inner joy. I also use my techniques to successfully control physical pain. We don’t try to rewire your brain to heal a “short-circuit” – or an emotional block. Instead, Return to Zeropoint methods help you to heal the feelings that cause a self-destructive or disrupted state of beliefs you hold for yourself.

That anger you hold inside you negatively affects your body, mind and spirit in ways you don’t fully understand. We don’t try to get you to understand them either. We just show you how to heal them and reveal to yourself a renewed life experience. It feels like magic, but it’s all based on your subconscious mind. All we do is hand you the tools and methods to neutralize the emotions that hurt you, and it doesn’t get easier than this.

Experience The H’oponopono Method For Yourself By Attending A Healing Seminar With Robert Ray

Zeropoint is the beautiful state evident in a newborn baby, soon after birth. They come into the world without an agenda until they realize for the first time that they are shocked, cold and hungry. As soon as they are cleaned up, warmed up and fed for the first time, they are once again at zeropoint. That Zerovpoint state of being is again furthered by the love from Mommy and Daddy. Can you imagine once again coming close to that state of well-being and self-security? Well, I don’t know that we can ever reach that exact state of innocence again, but we certainly can reach returning to Zeropoint. Zeropoint in an adult is abundant inner peace, true joy, freedom from fear, freedom from anger, freedom from anything that causes us to feel disturbed or threatened. I call it a state of Nirvana; being centered and well-grounded.

Please take advantage of my caring nature. I won’t ask a single thing from you except that you use what I share with you. Use it to the fullest extent possible, and make your life as good as you deserve for it to be.